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You guys know how much I love a good kitchen gadget.

Small appliances are my jam, yo. In my dreams, I have a whole room that is just floor to ceiling shelves of small appliances. I’d have one of everything. In real life? I live in an apartment with a small galley kitchen, no pantry and a total lack of storage space, so small appliances really have to be something special to earn a spot in our postage stamp sized appliance cupboard.

Once small appliance that is a must own, can’t let go, gotta have it is our Yonanas.

A few months ago, we got sent a Yonanas machine to try. Y’all have seen these right? They call it the “banana ice cream” maker and it basically takes frozen bananas and turns them into a thick, creamy frozen treat. A frozen treat that is absolutely perfect for sharing with dogs.

Let’s be real for a minute, making frozen dog treats can be a bit of a pain in the tail. Mix up the ingredients, sometimes blend them, pour them into the moulds, freeze them and then serve them. And even then? Most frozen treats aren’t really an ice cream for dogs, as much as they are flavoured ice cubes. My dogs love ice cream, but it’s not very good for them. Did you know that the reason ice cream is scoopable is because it’s full of milk fat and sugar? Whomp whomp. I love the Yonanas because it lets me make soft, creamy frozen treats that are actually good for my dogs.

It’s so easy to make soft serve frozen dog treats with Yonanas.


Step one: Freeze a slightly over-ripe banana (We call ’em “Cheetah Bananas” because they have those ugly brown spots that mean they’re extra sweet.)

Step Two: Feed it into the machine

Um…I feel silly for numbering the steps. That’s all there is. It really is that easy.

This powerhouse of a small appliance can make so much more than just creamy banana ice cream though. If you can freeze it, you just might be able to Yonanas it. We’ve been playing around, having fun and seeing just how many different frozen dog treats we can make. The answer is A LOT. Here are 28 of Koly and Fe’s favourite things to turn into healthy delicious soft serve frozen dog treats:

If you want to make this even easier?

Head to the local grocery store and hit the freezer aisle. You can get so many dog friendly frozen fruits and veggies. Just pop the bag in the freezer and make tasty, dog friendly Yonanas whenever you like.

Get creative! Some of the dog’s favourite Yonanas flavours are mixes! Pick 2 or 3 ingredients, alternate adding them to the machine and create one of a kind flavour combinations just for your pet. You can even add toppings to pump up the flavour. You can even try sprinkling a little crushed dog cookie or chopped up jerky treat on top to make a doggie sundae.

Kol’s favourite is Banana with a little bit of peanut butter and blueberries. Felix’s changes all the time, but he’s currently on a real cantaloupe kick. Me? I’m partial to banana berry with just a little squeeze of fresh lemon stirred in. (I find a bit of citrus cuts through the creaminess of the banana in a really refreshing way).

I can’t believe how often we use our Yonanas machine.

Small appliance have a tendency to get forgotten on a shelf, but this summer, we’ve used the Yonanas 2 or 3 times almost every week. It’s a quick, easy, healthy way to share a frozen treat. The machine even comes apart and washes up in less than 5 minutes. What’s not to love about that? In my opinion, this is one small appliance that is worth every penny of the price tag – and more.

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What would be your dog’s “go to” favourite flavour of Yonanas? Any suggestions on what we should try next?


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