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It’s no secret that the Mama loves dogs, but you might not know that she is passionately involved in a life long love affair with cupcakes.

In fact, she’s even forsaken dog baking the last few weeks in order to focus on a human cake decorating class! I don’t want her to get a big head or anything, but I think her cupcakes lookalmost as good as her pupcakes do.

Fudge cupcakes with pastry cream filling.

Hopefully other humans think they look good too. I’m putting Mama to work making human treats (just this once) in support of National Cupcake Day for SPCA and Humane Societies.On February 25th, she’ll be hosting a cupcake party & treating her friends, family and co-workers to tasty cupcakes and asking that they make generous donations to the SPCA. Are you in our neighbourhood? We’d love to bake some cupcakes for you! Just give us a woof and we can work our how many you’d like and in what flavours. (Suggested donation $2.00/full size cupcake or $1.25/minis). We’ll even be baking up dog-friendly pupcakes for our canine friends!

Do you want to get in on the fun? 

 We’d love it if you wanted to join our Cupcake Day Team andhost your own Cupcake Party! Click here to register now. Here’s all the team details:Team Name: Kol’s Notes and FriendsCompany Name: kolchakpuggle.comPassword: kolchakEven if the shelter in your neighbourhood isn’t participating, I know the BCSPCA could do great things with the funds. Their work covers everything from running the SPCA Shelters to cruelty investigations to building cases against puppy mills and advocating for better animal laws (like those for the BC Sled Dog Industry).

Chocolate chip cupcakes.

If you’d rather the funds go to your local shelter, that’s cool!You don’t need a fancy event or fundraising page. Simply throw a cupcake party for your friends, family and co-workers, then donate the money you raise to your shelter. It’s fun, tasty and easy.Not the baking type? You can still show your support by making a donation online. It’s safe, secure and super easy! (We’re going to be sharing some super things just with our online supporters – like a special Pupcake recipe, for starters – more info to come!)

We would LOVE to have your help in making Kol and his friends a big part of National Cupcake Day! Will you join us?


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