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I know we all want to spoil our pooches with frozen dog treats.

I also know that we’re all busy people with like jobs and lives and things to do. Sure, sometimes you want to whip up a crazy fun frozen treat like squash and sardine frozen dessert, layered pooch pops or a dog friendly chicken ice cream, but sometimes, you just want to get it over with. When the weather is hot, I don’t even want to wash a bowl. It’s too hot. I’m too lazy. If you know exactly what I am talking about, then this post is for you.

Each treat takes less than 5 minutes and the only dirty dishes will be one, single spoon. Sound good? Woof yeah, it does!

It’s no secret that I’m not a huge fan of the frosty dog treats you can buy in the freezer aisle.

I could say a lot of things about these treats. I could talk about how soy is one of my least favourite foods – for pets and people and how it’s linked to gas. I could talk about how the number of ingredients that I can’t pronounce, much less understand how they work. I could mention that I don’t think frozen treats need 31 ingredients. Instead, I’ll just say that I think they’re junk and that honestly, my dogs won’t even eat them. Clearly, I have raised wise, spoiled dogs.

The good news is that there are a ton of easy, healthy dog friendly treat options at your neighbourhood pet store or even in your dog cupboard, just waiting to be frozen.

Here are 5 of our favourite, LAZY frozen dog treats “recipes”



Ice Cube Moulds (or even lazier, tiny paper cups and then you can throw them out after


Frozen Dog Treat Option 1: Caru Stews

These tetra paks aren’t just Earth friendly, they’re tasty and even good for your dog.  Felix says the Pork Stew for Dogs is divine.

To turn this dog friendly stew into frozen treats, simply rip the top off the tetra pak (you don’t even need scissors. legit.), add a healthy splash of water and stir. Scoop into ice cube moulds or paper cups. Freeze and serve.

Frozen Dog Treat Option 2: The Honest Kitchen

The Honest Kitchen makes some great dehydrated dog foods and better yet, they sell these handy sample bags that contain the perfect amount of food for making treats. Kol’s favourite flavour is Zeal, just in case you were wondering.

To turn this dehydrated food into a frozen treat, simply scoop a small amount of the powder into each ice cube tray or cup, top off with water and stir. (Lazy Pro Tip: If the spoon won’t fint in your containers, flip it over and use the handle. Yup. I’m THAT lazy.) Freeze and serve.


Frozen Dog Treat Option 3: Dog Cookies

Seriously…any cookies. We usually have a box of Cloudstar Grain-free cookies kicking around, so I used those. (Smooth cheddar, man. My dogs can’t get enough.)

To make cookies into frozen treats, just toss a few into the bottom of the mould, top off with water and freeze. The cookie will expand as it soaks up the water, creating a treats that looks (and smells) like a big, frozen cookie.

Frozen Dog Treat Option 4: Training Treats

We are almost always working on training, so it’s no surprise that we always have training treats on hand. Kol says that the Bison Fruitables Skinny Minis are the woof, but Felix prefers the Apple Bacon.

To turn the into a frozen snack, fill the mould with Skinny Minis and cover with water. Freeze and Serve. (These are great for floating in water, as the chance to go bobbing for treats, get Felix excited.


Frozen Dog Treat Option 5: Weruva “Soups”

If your dog has ever had an iffy tummy, then you know that plain chicken is the go-to food. Weruva has you covered with their Paw Lickin’ Chicken (Just chicken and it’s gravy). They also have a line of tasty flavours that they call “soups”, like their “Jammin Salmon” in Pumpkin Soup. That liquidy soup part is PERFECT for making frozen dog treats.

To make these frozen dog treats, scoop a little of the food into each mould. Cover with “soup” from the can. Freeze and serve.

 With frozen treats like this, there’s not need to get fancy.

Your dogs will love these, no extra work require. All you’ve got to do to clean up is wash ONE spoon.


Do you ever get a little lazy when making treats? What’s your your dog’s “lazy favourite”?

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