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that Mama of mine is a real wonder sometimes. 

I know I woof on her a lot for being a crappy assistant, for not obeying my every command and for having the tech skills of a sea sponge, but seriously, all is forgiven. You know why?Three Words: Stuffed Trachea Chews
That Mama is a woofing genius. She’s outdone herself this time. Do you know what she did??

She started with these awesome Windees Beef Trachea Dog Treats (which are 110% awesome in their own right) from Jones Natural Chews.

Then, she grabbed a can of organic canned pumpkin,

And a can of tasty Wellness 95% Meat Turkey Grain-Free Dog Food (or your dog’s favourite flavour)

Plus a handful of ridiculously tasty liver treats from Purebites

Uh Huh. Totally brilliant, right?

I didn’t even know what she was making and I knew it was brilliant. Then she started whipping up my treat and I was in awe. In awe.

Here’s what she did:

She stood the trachea chew on end in a mug, the filled it with alternating scoopfuls of canned pumpkin and meaty dog food. Every few scoops she tossed in a few liver treats. She kept alternating until the trachea chew was stuffed full of dog food & pumpkin. Then she crunched up some liver treats and dipped each end in them to keep the ends from getting “goopy”.

And then (this is where it gets good), she put the whole thing in the freezer.

Yeah, I know what you’re thinking and yes, it was as awesome as it sounds. Plus, you could make it in any flavour you wanted! Mashed sweet potato & fish, white potato & beef, squash & venison… the sky is the limit!

What flavour would you try?

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