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I think this might be our easiest recipe yet.

For serious. I know I keep telling you that baking for your dog is so easy, but sometimes, I get carried away with myself and before I know it, I’m whipping up 500 egg-shaped sandwich cookies. What. a. Mess. Or remember that time I made Candy Apples?It doesn’t have to be that difficult!

I swear! Seriously. Anyone. Anyone can make these cookies, they’re THAT EASY! We’ve actually been meaning to share this recipe for like a million years. (We’ve been blogging that long, right?) the Mama used to make these cookies for the Felix back in the day when he was just an only dog. We have no idea what took us so long to share this recipe, but the Nature’s Logic Giveaway that we announced yesterday gave us the perfect excuse to share it! (BTW, you should totally go enter to win some tasty canned food, so you can make these yourself!)
Cheap like borscht.Anyone out there feeding grain free knows that grain-free treats can be woofing expensive. These treats are pretty economical, considering they are grain-free and you can make them using a novel protein. (For example, we used a flour mix that is primarily garbanzo bean and venison canned food.) These cookies cost me $4.75/batch and I get 64 – 1″ cookies – that’s less than 8 cents each. Not bad, eh? If your dog happens to be grain tolerant, the cost goes down to just 4 cents each!OK, you ready? Let’s do this.

You need:1 – 13.2 oz. can of pate-style, grain-free dog food (We used Nature’s Logic, but any grain-free food will work)2 cups – Red Mill Gluten Free All Purpose Baking Flour (or if your dog is grain/gluten tolerant, regular white flour)1 egg1 tsp. baking powderPreheat oven to 350F. Lightly grease a baking sheet with olive oil.Mix all ingredients together. No seriously. That’s it. Just mix them together. I found it easiest to get in there with my hands, but you can use a mixer, a fork, whatever floats your boat.Using a #140 Ice Cream Scoop place dough on the cookie sheet (or use your hands to form 1″ balls, like you’re making peanut butter cookies). Use a fork to press down each cookie ball.Place in oven and back for 17 – 20 minutes, until golden brown on the bottom. Store in the fridge.For a fully crunchy biscuit that will keep longer, turn the oven down to 200F and bake for 4 hours. Turn off oven and leave to cool overnight.These treats are simple, savvy and oh so tasty!  Koly and Fe are huge fans! They spent all weekend in front of the oven, waiting for these to pop out! We made a batch in each of the six tasty flavours of Nature’s Logic wet food and the boys have had fun trying to decide which flavour they like best. What flavour do you think your dog would love?This is a blog hop! Every week, we invite you to link up your Tastiest Post and Hop On to discover all sorts of new treats recipes, great giveaways andTo take part, follow your hosts, Kol’s Notes &  Sugar the Golden Retriever, grab the badge from our sidebar, get the InLinkz code for your post, and add your link to this week’s hop!What are you waiting for? HOP ON!PS – my Tasty Tuesday co-host Sugar is moving! Drop by her blog to wish her a happy move! She’ll be rejoining us next week! 


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