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So the other day, I asked you guys if I should bake a treat this week or make something stupidly easy.

You made your opinion heard, load and clear: something easy. YES! YES! YES! We’re in the middle of a heat wave here in BC and it’s been a squillion degrees pretty much every day. I didn’t want to bake anymore than you guys wanted to me to.

I had the idea for the perfect, super easy treat:

Cookies and Canned Food Ice Cream Sandwiches for Dogs.

They’re so easy. SO EASY, you guys. You don’t even have to bake. Swearsies. It’s too hot for that nonsense and I wanted to keep these stupidly easy.

The only problem? I put the “stupid” in “stupidly easy” because not once over the last four days did I remember to pick up dog cookies. I went to a woofing pet expo on Sunday, FULL OF PLACES TO BUY TREATS, and I somehow managed to come home empty handed. What an epic fail. So, left with no options, I had to bake, but you guys are clearly smarter than I am and you are going to go out and just buy your favourite store bought cookies, ok? OK. Let’s do this.

Super Easy “Cookies & Canned Food” Ice Cream Sandwiches for Dogs


  • 1 cup of your dog’s favourite pate style dog food
  • 1 cup of canned pumpkin
  • 1 package of your dog’s favourite cookies. (Try to choose a large, flat style cookie. We think the Cloudstar Buddy Biscuits would be ridiculously cute! Buy them on Amazon )


Mix together the canned food & pumpkin. Coat the back of each cookie liberally with the paste mix. Press cookies together to form a sandwich. Place the cookies in the fridge for an hour or so, until the cookie portion softens.

Move treats to the freezer and freeze until solid.

© Jodi Chick

See, I promised these would be easy.

Almost too easy right? If you’re one of those over achievers (aka forgetful shoppers) like me and you want to bake treats, check our our cookie cutter dog treat recipe listing to find something your dog will love. I used our super easy Canned Food Dog Treat recipe, adding in a bit more flour so I could roll it out. The dogs absolutely love these and I’ve picked up some cute little treat bags, so we can bring a frozen treat to a few of the other dogs in our building.

After all, summer is all about hanging out and having fun with your friends, right?

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