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Once upon a time, I thought that having a short haired dog would mean less grooming, less hair and less shedding. BA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA! What a fool! Oh man, you guys. WHY DIDN’T ANYBODY TELL ME?! My puggle, Kolchak, sheds like it’s his job. I honestly can’t believe this dog isn’t BALD yet. I quickly learned that if I didn’t want to live in a house where there were fur tumbleweeds everywhere and dog hair in, on and around everything, I would have to figure out some shedding solutions for short hair dogs. We’re sharing what works for us.

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While half the interwebz will tell you that you can “cure your dog’s shedding” by feeding this food or adding that supplement, let’s not kid ourselves. Great nutrition can only do so much. For the record, Kolchak eats better the 99% of the planet (dog or human) and he still sheds like a beast.

Your best shedding defense is a good offense: develop a an awesome grooming routine.

Our four step systems help make the most of every single grooming session and it helped me reduce my vacuuming schedule from everyday to a couple times a week. Jackpot!


You guys, get a great deshedding tool.

Spend whatever they want for it at the store. Your right arm? Your first born child? Whatever. Totally worth it. These things are so pricey that you’ll be like “I could buy myself like 25 brushes with this money”, but don’t be tempted to cheap out. A great tool can make all the difference and it can prove it’s worth within a month.

Anyone out there have a deshedding tool they love? Leave a comment telling us what tool rocks your world.

Now, I bet you’re thinking, excellent! I’ve groomed my dog and we’re done. 


Get wet & wild.

Ok folks, here it is, the secret sauce to all your grooming woes: Get your dog wet to the skin. You can give them a bath or use a spray bottle to douse them. I’m not fussy. The key is to get them wet and rub it in, so their fur is thoroughly soaked. As an added bonus, I like to do this with a fantastic smelling dog shampoo. There is something about a wet dog that makes them projectile shed fur. It comes out by the handful, all over the place. When a short haired dog is wet, you just have to look at them and all their gross, wet loose fur just starts falling out all over the place. This is exactly what you want.


Two words: Zoom. Groom.

Y’all, I can not sing the praises of this magical device enough. You need a Zoom Groom.


When you have a normal, dry dog this tool works pretty darn great, but when you have a WET dog? It’s darn magical. The fur comes off by the heap. So much fur. It’s amazing.

Once you’ve Zoom Groomed, you’re almost done. Last step folks. I promise. 


Wipe out! 

Grab one of those fancy pants grooming wipes (if you’re like me, they’re by the door and handy for wiping muddy paws). Wipe your dog from head to toe to remove any remaining loose fur. Repeat this step in a couple hours when your dog is totally dry. I have no idea ho, but by then, there will be more loose hair. HOW ARE THESE DOGS NOT BALD, YOU GUYS?!

Voila! That’s it.

Do you have a grooming routine you swear by?

Spill your guts folks. I am always looking for tips and new ideas.

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