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I have a pet peeve.

It’s going to seem like no big deal, but it bugs the everliving WOOF out of me. I love my dogs as much as the next guy. (Let’s face it, I’m crazy as a cracker jack, I love my dogs MORE than the next guy and the guy next to him too.) They get away with bloody murder, they can do most whatever they want and they eat like Kings. There isn’t much they do that grates on my nerves.

Jingling dog tags and jangling leashes make me insane.

Head twitchy, teeth grindey, growl-under-my-breath insane. It annoyed me when we lived at the house, but it honestly wasn’t a huge deal. They didn’t wear their harnesses a lot of the time, their tags came off when we were in the house. It was a non-issue.

At the apartment though, it’s totally obnoxious. I want to be a good apartment neighbour and it never fails, as soon as we get out into the hall, both dogs shake and it sounds like a thousand metal drums all at once.  I love love love their harnesses and the fabulous, sturdy hardware, but the metal loops attached to the metal leash hooks is loudNothing says “It’s dawn and time to get up everyone on the third floor!” like dogs shaking their own personal cowbells.


Help me, interwebz!

I bought these awesome tags that lay flat to the collar for their ID tags and got one of those rubber tag silencers for their licenses to cut out the tag jingles, but that metal leash on metal ring noise is still bananas. Any idea how to cut this down? Is one of you magic? (I could totally use a little leash noise magic right now, plus how cool is that?! I could be friends with a witch or a wizard? Huzzah!)

Bark back: how do I stop this racket?

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