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One of the very best things about what I do is that I get the chance to nerd out over cool dog crafts with people who are just excited as I am.

As much as I love making projects of my own, I also really really love when you guys share your projects with me. The other day, we were hanging out on the Kol’s Notes facebook page, when our friend Sofie shared a project that Brody the Puggle made at daycare to help celebrate Halloween.

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Ohmiwoof! He painted his own Halloween pumpkin!

What a ridiculously adorable idea! And seriously, it’s so easy that even at this late stage in the game, you can totally get this project done before the spooky day.

Here’s what you need:

Non-toxic, washable children’s paint

Pumpkin or a craft Funkin <- affiliate link


Let’s do this:

If you’re working with Kolchak or a dog like him, lay down a large, large drop cloth.

Dip their paw in paint and blot off the excess with a napkin or extra paper. Place paws firmly on the pumpkin. Wipe paws and change paint colours as often as desired.

Follow Brody on Twitter at @BrodythePuggle

Allow paint to dry. If you’re using a craft pumpkin, consider sealing it with spray shellac.

How woofing cute, right?!

What a quick, simple and SUPER adorable puppy craft project. I can’t wait to try this with Koly and Fe tomorrow! Have you ever made puppy pawprint pumpkins?

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