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I love planning dog friendly things to do with Koly & Fe.

Now that the weather is brightening up, we’ve been spending a lot of time outdoors exploring the neighbourhood and discovering new parks and places to play. Since my Koly is a real food hound, I was really excited to plan a dog friendly picnic! What could be better than kicking back in the park, sharing a little chow and playing around a bit? Nothing. We had a great time and we think you would love it too, so we’re sharing our tips to make sure your dog friendly picnic goes off without a hitch.

  • Choose a dog friendly spot, but NOT an off leash dog park.

Kolchak always wears his leash in public parks, even when he’s posing for a picture.

It’s always important to make sure dogs are allowed in public park spaces before you bring them along, but not all parks are a good choice for a dog friendly picnic. Bringing food into an off leash park is a recipe for disaster and we don’t recommend it. Look for a pretty spot, with lots of shade, that allows on leash dogs to hang out with their humans. Bonus points if there is an off leash area nearby, so you can play ball or frisbee after your picnic.

For more ideas on how dogs and people can respectfully share park spaces, check this post out.

  • Pack snacks that are safe to share.   You need tasty food in your pic-a-nic basket, eh BooBoo?  The whole point is to get outdoors and share some tasty treats with your dog. While I wouldn’t pack a full meal of treats for my dogs, I love making something a little special just for the occasion. If you’re picnicing with other people, particularly if you’re picnicing with kids, then you need to make sure there are plenty of dog friendly snacks on hand. Let’s face it, someone is going to sneak Fido something when they think you’re not watching, you might as well make sure that the food is dog  safe. If you have a food hound that has a tendency to steal, consider packing only dog friendly picnic nosh. It’s too easy to get wrapped up in how much fun you’re having and the dogs will totally take advantage of any chance to steal something tasty.

As it turns out, Parrano Cheese makes a fine, fine dog treat and Kolchak is totally cuckoo bananas for our Easy Cheesey dog treat recipe.

While the dogs tucked into those, the humans enjoyed a delicious fire-roasted tomato bruschetta with smooth Parrano Dutch Cheese and gluten free crackers. Even though the bruschetta was strictly for humans only, I may or may not have snuck the pups each a bite or two of this delicious cheese, though truth be told, it was almost too good to be shared.

Other great picnic foods that you can share with your dogs include carrot sticks, watermelon slices, apple chunks or even leans meats. (Koly loves it when I share a piece of chicken breast from my chicken salad sandwich!)

  • Stay hydrated. On a hot summer day when you’re having fun, it can be easy to forget to stay hydrated, but it’s so important! Make sure you pack plenty of water and a travel bowl for the pooches. When you’re on the go, nifty tools like the Bobble water bottle filters can help you make sure you’re drinking enough, even if you have to refill the bottle from that yucky fountain at the park.

  • Plan to get messy.  Picnicing with dogs and kids (and me) can be messy. Come prepared. Make sure you pack a woof load of napkins. For easy clean up, consider using a picnic table cloth instead of a blanket. The plasticized fabric is perfect for quickly wiping off spills and you won’t have to do laundry when you get home.

Pack a tons of napkins. You’ll need ’em.


  • Don’t forget to have fun! That’s what a dog friendly picnic is all about after all! Pack balls, frisbees or your dog’s favourite toy, so that you can run around and have a good time after you’ve eaten.



Thanks to the folks at Parrano, we’re giving away a dog friendly picnic basket filled to the brim with toys and treats for pups and their people!

What’s inside? Check it out!

{1} Laminated Tablecloth – Picnic blankets are great, but for a dog friendly (or kid friendly) picnic, I love using a tablecloth. The laminated fabric is moisture resistant, making it a great choice for damp grass, wet bathing suits or for easy clean up after spills. {2} Playtime – No picnic would be complete without a little fun for Fido. Spend a little time playing Fetch with a squeaky ball or a frisbee. {3} Stay Hydrated – There’s nothing like good ol’ water to keep you and your dog hydrated. We love the VOSS Water in the glass bottles. By pairing it with a Bobble Water Bottle Filter, you can keep refilling the bottle as needed for cool, clean water to share and since glass is the only food packaging with the GRAS label, you can safely use the bottle again. {4} Riley’s Organic Treats – No picnic is complete without snacks for you and your dog. The treats from Riley’s drive my dogs wild. {5} Get Cute with fun Sandwich Shapes –I am in love with this dog shaped sandwich cutter. {6} Drink Up – Make sure your dog gets enough water with a foldable fabric bowl, kibble & treat bag set from Planet Dog. {7} Pick Up – Sharing public spaces comes with a responsibility to pick up after your dog. Make it happen with a poop bag dispenser and a month’s supply of Earth friendly bags. {8} Dog Friendly Snacks – These adorable snack jars are a simple way to pack snacks that are safe to share with the whole family, like carrot sticks or our Parrano Cheese Dog treats.{9} Feed the People – It’s not all about the dogs! Tasty treats like Tomato & Olive Bruschetta, Sweet Onion Spread and other flavourful spreads pair nicely with some Parrano cheese and fresh french bread for a tasty “Humans only” snack {10} Pack it Up – The perfect picnic basket doesn’t just store your picnic goodies, it keeps them cool and fresh. Hidden inside this stylish basket is an insulated cooler, plus it comes with plates, glasses & cutlery for two.

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