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It’s been a hectic week at Casa de Kolchak.

So hectic that the Mama hasn’t gotten in the kitchen even one single time. ::GASP:: I know! What the woof is up with that? What exactly does she think she’s doing?

So this week, instead of some great new treat that rocked my world, we’re sharing all our favourite cool treats for hot dogs.



1. Cheeseburger Popsicles

Cheesy, delicious and oh so very easy. Dogs love ’em. People love making them. Cheese please!








2. Jello Salad for Dogs

Remember jell-o salad and how it wiggled and wobbled and was generally awesome? Did you know it can be made dog friendly? Yeah. Awesome.








3. Stuff & Freeze Trachea Chews

Casa de Kolchak dogs love a frozen treat that lasts a while. These Trachea chews are just the solution.









4. Chicken Ice Cream Sundaes

Chicken ice cream + veggie “sauce” – what’s not to love? Plus, it’s actually easy to make!












5. Leftover Love Frozen Treats

The humans are always having these BBQs where they don’t share a darn bite. Help them turn leftovers into love with these tasty treats.



It’s Tasty Tuesday!

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