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I absolutely love changing up my phone wallpapers by season and for the dog-crazy? What better way to show your canine-love than with a free puppy phone wallpaper?

I have a huge collection of images saved to my phone and I’m constantly rotating between fun phone backdrops. I am a huge Halloween fanatic. There’s something about the dark and the spooky that speaks to my soul. I couldn’t wait to make these Halloween smartphone backgrounds that you can download and use for free.

Plus, our summer phone wallpapers were so popular, I thought you guys might like some new ones too!

Plus, I needed an excuse to draw some more of my favourite dog breeds!

For the summer dog phone backgrounds, I drew a beagle, a corgi, and a frenchie. I had SUCH a difficult time deciding what breeds to draw for Halloween.

Newfoundland lovers take notice.

I started by paying tribute to my very favourite brown newfie, Leroy. (Check him out on his own blog.) He’s so handsome…and drooly, but what I love best about ‘Roy is his big personality. His Mom Jen does a great job of sharing his antics.

I also decided to draw a greyhound despite never having met a greyhound in the fur.

I’m a huge huge fan of greyhounds though, ever since I discovered the lovely ladies of Tales and Tails. HUGE FAN. So dainty, graceful and elegant. (read: everything I’m not.) I remember the first time I saw Miss Flattery, I didn’t even know black greyhounds were a thing! I am a sucker for black dogs.

Is there anything less spooky than a labrador?

These loveable goofballs are one of America’s favourite dogs and is it any wonder? I love how fun and cheerful the labs are. I think the candy corn one is my very favourite.

I don’t actually follow any labrador blogs though! I was shocked. Who can recommend a good one?

Last, I needed a fluffy dog and bichons are such lovely little dogs.

Last year we found out that our Felix was mostly bichon and it just reaffirmed everything I love about the breed. He was the sweetest. What I didn’t count on? Fluffy dogs are SO HARD to draw. I spent as much time on the bichon as all three other dogs combined!

Download your favourite free Halloween dog lover phone wallpaper below.

How to use these phone backdrops:

  1. Click on the link to the wallpaper you want to use
  2. Save the image to your phone
  3. In your settings, set the image as your wallpaper

Click on any link below to be magically whisked away to the free download.

– Bichon Frise Halloween Phone Wallpaper – Bats
– Bichon Frise Halloween Phone Wallpaper – Skulls
– Bichon Frise Halloween Phone Wallpapers – Poison Apple
– Bichon Frise Halloween Phone Wallpapers – Candy Corn

– Greyhound Halloween Phone Wallpaper – Bats
– Greyhound Halloween Phone Wallpaper – Skulls
– Greyhound Halloween Phone Wallpapers – Poison Apple
– Greyhound Halloween Phone Wallpapers – Candy Corn

– Labrador Halloween Phone Wallpaper – Bats
– Labrador Halloween Phone Wallpaper – Skulls
– Labrador Halloween Phone Wallpapers – Poison Apple
– Labrador Halloween Phone Wallpapers – Candy Corn

– Newfie Halloween Phone Wallpaper – Bats
– Newfie Halloween Phone Wallpaper – Skulls
– Newfie Halloween Phone Wallpapers – Poison Apple
– Newfie Halloween Phone Wallpapers – Candy Corn

What wallpaper do you use on your phone? What breeds do you want to see in the next batch?

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