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Recently, a dear friend mailed me a card.

An actual greeting card. With a stamp. Delivered by the friendly Canadian mail moose. The gesture was so sweet and unexpected, I could barely contain my smile as opened it. So few people send snail mail these days. Why write a letter when you can dash off an email? Who buys a card when you can text people halfway around the world and have them receive it instantaneously? My heart soared with the care and thought that went into the card – and I knew I wanted to send one back.

When I was a kid, I used to spend hours folding cards from construction paper and decorating them.

There was no occasion too small to be celebrated with one of my handmade masterpieces. I once gave a babysitter a card as a thank you for bringing me a glass of milk, so apparently, I’ve always been a little extra. I’m not entirely sure how I went from being that kid who made a million cards to the adult who hates going to the post office like poison, but here we are. One of my goals for 2018 is to connect with people in my life in a more real way, so I’m undertaking a project: card making. I think there’s something so very special about handmade cards.

The only trouble? My cards still look like an 8-year-old made them in a rush while someone was in the kitchen getting them a glass of milk. I knew I needed some help, so I teamed up with Brittany from Spencer the Goldendoodle. Brittany is a seasoned card maker, excellent designer and all around rockstar.

Our idea was simple: she would design a super cute card, I would turn that design into a free printable card making kit and we’d share those printables with you!

I am so excited to share our first set of DIY Valentine’s Day Card.

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Designed to be a quick, easy and fun project, I promise even the least confident crafter can make a beautiful card using these templates! It’s SO EASY.

Here’s what you need:

  • White Card Stock
  • Colour Printer (Don’t have one? You can get these printed at Staples!)
  • Scissors or a Gyrocut
  • Glue stick or a Xyron Sticker maker
  • Pink or Patterned paper (for the envelope)

Here at Kol’s Notes, we’re making DIY Valentine’s Day Card for Dog Lovers:

Get the party started by download the free printable card template below

Print the card template on white cardstock

Cut out the card and each embellishment

Fold card carefully along center line

Glue embellishments to card

Write a heartfelt message inside

Print, fold and glue the envelope. (Download the template here.) Print it on pink or patterned paper for added fun.

Mail your card

You guys, it’s seriously that simple. I knowwwww it’s almost too easy, right? It feels like to call these cards handmade, you would to put in at least a BIT more work, no?

OK, you totally can.

Here’s the card Brittany is sharing at Spencer the Goldendoodle. It’s also 100% free and ready to download! Just click here to check out her post.

I decided that I wanted to put a little extra love in one of the cards I was sending, so I added a few more decorative touches.

In addition to the supplies above, here’s what you’ll need to dress up this card:

  1. 6″ Embroidery floss in a matching colour
  2. Red Glitter Marker (I used these glitter markers by Crayola)
  3. Pink Cardstock
  4. Pink washi tape
  5. Red stamp Ink
  6. Letter stamps (I picked mine up in the $2 bin at Micheals or you can order them on Amazon)
  7. Brads

Download the free printable valentine’s day card template from Spencer the Goldendoodle.

Cut out the card and each embellishment

Fold card carefully along center line.

Stick washi to your card in a diagonal pattern.

Cut out the rectangular heart background and the dog embellishment. Glue them together.

Push a brad through the paper in the two top corners and fold into brads into place.

Tie embroidery thread between the two brads and trim off excess.

Cut pink cardstock into flags. Stamp them with the name of the recipient. fold the top of the flag around the embroidery string and glue in place.

Outline edges of the flowers, bows and scarves in red glitter marker.

Print the card envelope, cut out and glue together. Mail to your favourite dog lover.

Do you send Valentine’s Day Cards? Do you buy them or do you make them?

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