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I’m not much into Valentine’s Day, so when I was asked if I was going to decorate for Valentine’s Day, I was like… why tho?

I’m that jerk that wants to tell you Valentine’s Day was created to sell cards. I’m not into over-crowded restaurants. Please don’t buy me roses when the florist wants 3 times as much money for them.

I *am* into half-priced candy the day after Valentine’s Day, so I’ll catch you at the candy shop in a few weeks. Other than discount candy? There’s not much about Valentine’s Day I’m totally into.

I’m SUPER into dogs though and Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be just about romantic love. This Valentine’s Day, I am 100% celebrating my doggo love.

After all, this guy is absolutely my Valentine. LOOK AT THAT FACE. He’s precious.

So if you’re like me and you’re feeling a total “dogs before dudes” vibe, have I got a fun set of free printable Valentine’s Day art for you!

I’m super excited about these, you guys. It’s no secret that I am absolutely IN LOVE with the gorgeous watercolour dog clip art I purchased from Pipz Designs on etsy. These little dogs are the MOST precious. I’m always hoping the artist is going to create more of them because I cannot get enough. I’m always really happy with the content I create using these adorable little doggos and this latest set of printables is no exception.

Why men great ’til they gotta be great? It is the year of the Ladies and their faithful dogs. I’m loving this vibe.

Frankly, pug kisses are the best kisses. Fight me. These adorable, clownish little dogs are so affectionate. Kolchak is half pug and I can always tell when he cuddles up to me and as I pet his sleek fur, he’s going to give me a few kisses. Also? I can always count of pug kisses right after I’ve eaten, especially is there was cheese involved. That’s just pug law.

I mean…guilty as charged. I do want to touch your mutt. And also, your purebred. And your mystery rescue. And your well-trained sports dog. And the misunderstood little dog down the street. I basically want to touch all your dogs. Always.

Boys may come and go, but my dog’s love is forever. There really is just nothing like a dog for royalty. I’ve been through a handful of boyfriends in the 12 years I’ve had Kolchak and while none of them made the cut, I’m pretty sure I fall harder in love with that sweet, sassy snarky little weirdo every. darn. day.

You guys, I cannot with this sheepdog. Every time I make free printables whether it’s stickers or wall art or whatever, I die over this sheepdog. I don’t know if it’s his goofy grin, his adorable tongue blep or the fact that he totes looks like Max from the Little Mermaid, I love him. I love him…a lot. And then sentiment could not be more true. My dog *is* my valentine.

Are you Team Valentine’s Day or more “it’s just another day”?

Do you decorate? make special treats? anything??

Download the free printable Valentine’s Day Art for Dog Lovers here:

Dogs Before Dudes Art Print
I Want to Touch Your Mutt Art Print
Pugs & Kisses Art Print
True Love has Four Paws Art Print
Hugs & Huskies Art Print
My Dog Is My Valentine Art Print

Looking for more Valentine’s Day for Dogs fun?

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