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Are we still planning? Is that a thing? Are there people with…plans at this stage?

If there is, I am *barely* one of them. I’ve ceased to plan weekdays. WHAT’S TO PLAN? Wake up, walk the dog, coffee, work, walk the dog, lunch, work, walk the dog, dinner, Netflix, bed, repeat. Occasionally, I’ll toss in some online shopping or a book, but the weekdays require very little management.

Weekends are marginally busier with things I can do without leaving my house which is like…not much. The nice thing about all this time at home is it has freed up a lot of time for me to spend working on designing and making cool things. These fold-over stickers have been on my personal to-do list for a hot minute. Like, I think I had AJ at Moon Child Creative create the art over a year ago.

I’m kind of in love with using fold-over stickers in my day planner

You know all those things you have to do but you don’t really want to shout from the rooftop? I love to put bill reminders in my planner, but it’s no one’s business how much I’m spending on internet. (You guys, it’s such a good deal. If you haven’t called your cable company lately to negotiate – do it.) I’ve been using them ever since Kate at Planner Bunny Press started making them. Check out Brisket, the lone doggo of an otherwise bunny-hogged house. As soon as I saw her adorable face peeking out from over a sticker, I knew I *HAD TO HAVE* foldovers made of Kolchak and Felix. It was a mighty need.

Brisket fold over from Planner Bunny Press, Corgi Sticker from iArtisans, blue blow washi from Simply Gilded, Rainbow cloud washi from Paperish

So, AJ drew me these adorable doodles of the boys and I…forgot about them, to be honest? Until yesterday when I remembered the art and HAD TO finish these because like, HOW CUTE I LOVE THEM. Who doesn’t need this grumpy little puggle face as a sticker in their journal? With his angry teeth showing? It’s so aggressive and precious.

Frog walking Dino sticker from Starfish and Frog

Do you want to put Kolchak and Felix in your planner?

I know you do. Here’s what you have to do:

1. Download the file at the link below
2. Cut out the stickers
3. Fold them over.
4. Stick them in your planner.

Now if you’re like me, you’re going “cool story bro, fold them…how?!” I ruined so many fold-over stickers before I realized I was DOING IT WRONG. Ugh. I’m an embarrassment. Check out this video about foldover stickers – what they are, how to use them, and most importantly, how to fold them without making a crooked mess.

What will you use foldable planner stickers for?

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