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Fa la la la la – or whatever?

I know it’s time to get in the holiday spirit, but I’m not there yet. The tree is up. I’ve started my shopping. I bought Koly a special holiday treat.

But I’m not feeling jolly quite yet.

I’ll get there, but until I do, I was scrolling through old photos and visiting with the ghosts of Christmas past tonight. Man! We have some good memories.

There’s something about being surrounded by festive images that always fills my heart with joy. I’m the kind of person that swaps out all the photos in the frames at Christmas.

There’s something so special about walking down memory lane and letting the holiday excitement wash over you.

I’m like that with holiday art too.

I love swapping out my everyday pieces for special holiday prints. I think it’s a simple and easy way to bring warmth and joy to your home and with so many amazing artists online, you can always find something that suits your taste.

The holidays are expensive enough, so this year, I thought I’d create some free printable Christmas art for dog lovers.

Free downloadable wall art is such a great way to keep the decor in your home festive and full of spirit – without breaking the bank. And I absolutely love adding just a touch of doggo love to my home. Not too much – I don’t want it to look like a theme park, but just a few things here and there. This set of prints is just what I needed to add some ho ho ho to my holidays.

Season’s Eatings

The best thing about ANY holiday is the FOOD and Christmas cookies are my JAM. Whether I’m making cookies for humans or baking up some special homemade dog treats, the cookies are one of my very favourite parts of the season.

Seasons Eatings Free Printable Dog Art | Christmas Art for Dog Lovers

I am a Gift

What is it about DOGS and Christmas trees? Everyone has a theory. Maybe they like that there’s a tree in the house, maybe they like the cozy tree skirt or maybe they just do it so we’ll worry like heck they’re going to knock it over. This is my theory:

I Am A Gift Free Printable Dog Art | Christmas Art for Dog Lovers

Sleigh All Day

IS IT EVEN CHRISTMAS IF THERE ISN’T A CORGI? I mean, probably? People all over spend the holidays with no corgi, but like, sad, sad holidays. (I say this as someone who has literally never had a Christmas Corgi, lol).

Sleigh All Day Free Printable Dog Art | Christmas Art for Dog Lovers

Santa, I Tried to Be Good

This last one is fully inspired by our own Kolchak Puggle – even though I don’t have a puggle illustration to use lol. Am I the only one who secretly loves a dog with just a dose of mischief in them? I love a little spark.

Santa, I Tried Free Printable Dog Art | Christmas Art for Dog Lovers

How do you decorate for Christmas? Do you use holiday art or year ’round favourites?

Do you want to print our free holiday art?

Download the free printable files below:

Season’s Eatings Free Printable Art
I Am A Gift Free Printable Dog Art
Sleigh All Day Free Christmas Print
Santa, I Tried to Be Good Holiday Dog Art Print

Looking for more fun ways to celebrate Christmas with your dog? We gotchoo, Boo!

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