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It’s Fetch Friday and we’re digging up our fav. find of the week.

1. “Invincible” Plush Snake by Kyjen

Ok, so I’m pretty sure this toy is made of puppy kryptonite. We bought this for little Luey a few weeks ago and (I don’t want you to gett too excited here, ok?) the squeaker still works. Yeah. True story. Invinclibles toys are the best of all worlds: They’re stuffingless and equipped with heavy duty squeakers that keep on squeakin’ even after they’ve been punctured with puppy teeth. I can’t say enough good things about it.

2. Dog Art by Ginger Olyphant

I’m in LOVE with pretty much everything in this amazing Etsy shop. Featuring art with inspirational quotes, wise sayings and cute quips all paired with adorable dog illustrations. Her prints are totally reasonable priced and would add a pop of colour and drama to any room.

3. Sweet Potato & Venison L.I.T. Treats from Natural Balance

Our Lu has an iffy tummy. We tried a bazillion foods before we finally settles on the Venison & Sweet Potato LIT from Natural Balance. Aside from the fact that Lu’s tummyy does so much better on this food, we love that Natural Balance makes treats using the same flavours as the kibble. It’s great for dogs with allergies – and Luey loves them!

4. the Adopt a Tag Collection from BlanketID

We adore the latest tag collection from BlanketID. Focus on what makes rescue dogs so special, they’ve released seven new tags featuring thoughts on rescue. (oh Daaaaaadddy, Mama said to tell you that she loves the grey “Love is a four letter word” tag and her birthday is coming.)

That’s it folks!

Tell me, have you ever fed your dog treats that “matched” their kibble? What do you think of the idea?

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