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It’s Fetch Friday and the Mama’s been shopping local! We found three of this week’s fetching items at local stores! The good news is that Mama searched the interwebz high and low (and mostly just like, the front page of google), so you can get ’em for yourself!

1. Give Me a Pug Salt & Pepper Shakers from L’Atelier Homes

Anyone who follows us over at that Facebook place, saw that the Mama brought home two very distinguished looking pugs last night. They’re actually the world’s cutest salt & pepper shakers. I love them.

2. FouFou Dog Luggage Tags from Love Your Breed

With BlogPaws coming in just a few weeks, the Mama is dying to tag all her luggage with ridiculously adorable luggage tags like these. Available in a bunch of breeds, there’s bound to be one that tickles your fancy.

3. Shop to Raise Hope Knit Dachshund from Winners/Homesense Canada

Winners and HomeSense have teamed up with the Canadian Women’s Foundation to create this fabulous Shop to Raise Hope collection, with the net proceeds going to help women and children across Canada who have experienced abuse. Mama is (of course) especially fond of this knit doxie.

4. Release the Hounds Doorbell Plate from Doorbell Designs

Ohmiwoof! Anyone who has ever visited Casa de Kolchak knows that ringing the bell is akin to making a yo’ Mama joke and challenging us to a duel. In short – we hate it. We need this doorbell plate, Mama. We NEED it.

That’s it Folks!

What kind of doggy fabulousness have you found at your local stores lately?

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