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It’s Fetch Friday!

Mama’s been on the lookout for the coolest dog products for sale all over the interwebs. Here’s what we’re loving this week.

1. Doggy Paper Punch from Mc Gill

Mama loves working with paper and she’s making me a doggy scrapbook. (Do you think it’s time she shared another scrapbook page tutorial? I do!) This paper punch give you all the pieces you need to papercraft this ridiculously cute puppy. He looks kind of like me, only, you know greener, don’t you think?

2. Ceramic & Stainless Steel Pet Fountains from PetSafe

Holy woof, y’all. This is a thing. Mama saw the ceramic fountain at BlogPaws and immediately fell in love. We used to have a plastic fountain, but Daddy kept cracking the plastic by dropping things on it and it was very difficult to keep clean and Felix got a red yeast infection in his beard from the plastic. We want want want one of these ceramic or stainless steel versions.

3. Ridiculously Cute Dog Toys from Pridebites

OK, can I just say awwwwwww? These bright, fun toys from Pridebites are just about the cutest things going. As if cute wasn’t enough, they’re also made with durable fleece and foam instead of fluffing. (No mess, Ma!) They also float for all you water dogs out there.

4. Essential Dog Gear: Pet Id Tags from Just4MyPet

I’m floored you guys. Mama recently followed a Facebook page for lost pets in BC. The number of pups wandering around with no tags on is HEARTBREAKING. Sometimes, dog tags don’t need to be decorative, they just have to WORK. Our friends at Just4MyPet are giving away these basic tags for FREE and they’ll even engrave them for you. DOn’t wait until your pet gets loose to decide they need tags, order these today. (Shipping not included.) Edit: Pamela from Something Wagging shard the BEST idea on how to make these basic tags SUPER fancy & high-tech-ish. Check back tomorrow to find out how to do it.

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