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It’s Fetch Friday!

Here’s what we’re loving this week:

1. Rubit Tag Clips by Rubit

HOLY WOOF. Why didn’t you guys tell me these were a thing? I love it. This little clip lets you move tags from collar to collar (or to remove them when you’re in the house) with ease. For someone like me, who has a million dog collars, this is a fabulous idea. WANT.

2. Crinkits Water Bottle Toys by Zigoo

My dogs love noisy toys, but they are so hard on stuffies and squeakers. We love these tough and sturdy sleeves designed to slip over a standard water bottle, protecting your dog’s mouth from any sharp plastic pieces, but still letting them make a bunch of crinkly noise. Awesome.

3. Dynamo Dog Treats by Cloudstar

When Cloudstar heard that Fe’s leg was on the mend and I was looking for ways to support good joint health, the offered to send us some of the Dynamo Treats to try. Designed to support your dogs health, be it join, coat or tummy, these treats quickly became a Casa de Kolchak favourite. They four very enthusiastic paws up.

4. Ruffhides Toys by Pawabunga

This is such a fantastic idea. This tough toy is designed to cover a bully stick or a Himalayan Yak’s Milk Chew making it tougher to gobble down and making those long lasting (albeit pricey) treats last that much longer. Great for dogs like Kolchak that gobble a bully stick down in no time flat.

That’s it folks.

What are you loving this week?


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