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It’s Fetch Friday!

Mama is getting carried away you guys! We have a list 4 pages long of things she wants to share with you guys. Do you think she’s a Shopaholic? She could be. You know that show Hoarders? Mama’s closet looks like that! I mean…not with like, the mess and the junk, but the shoes! There are definitely that many shoes in there. Don’t tell her I told you though…OK? And now, with no further ado, here’s what we’re loving this week.

1. Holobon Chew Toy by Pet Projekt

This one isn’t exactly a new find, but Mama’s eyes were opened up to a whole new world of ways to play with it at SuperZoo. Did you know that you can pull the bone ends open and stuff a Holobon with TREATS?!  What a great idea. We’re definitely adding this to our ever growing list of awesome treat toys.

2. “I’m Not Single” Shower Curtain by Bentin Pet Decor

Holy woof! Mama needs this. Needs it. This woven polyester shower curtain leaves no question that “single” is a state of mind. You’re never single, as long as you have a dog – or two. Two is definitely better, although…does that make you a swinger?

3. Rabbit Jerky Treats by Hare of the Dog

Felix loves rabbit everything. His favourite toys are bunnies. He loves to chase a bunny. His favourite raw food is even rabbit. Now, his favourite treats are rabbit too. This week our friends at Rusty Dawg Products surprised Felix with his very own snack pack of 100% USDA inspected rabbit jerky treats. To say he loves them in an understatement. Last night, he woke Mama up by crying at the jerky shelf. Well played Felix, well played.

4. Laambie Lockets from Blue Laamb Designs

We’ve saved the best for last. Oh. My. Dog. I can’t tell you how excited I am for the newest product from Blue Lamb. These hollow lockets allow you to fill the outer shape with tiny charms that reflect all the things you love. Mama has been salivating over the bone locket since the moment she knew it was a thing. Let your dog love (and anything else love, there are a ton of different charms) show! To celebrate their debut (these are brand new today! Woot woot!) Blue Laamb is offering Koly’s friends free shipping on Laambie Lockets! How cool is that? Just use code: kolspals at the check out!

OK, that’s it for today! What kind of charms would you want to go in your Laambie Locket?


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