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It’s Fetch Friday and the Mama’s been scouring the interwebs for cool stuff.

Next week she’s headed to SuperZoo and no doubt she will be finding all sorts of amaaaaazing products to share with you. What kind of stuff do you hope she discovers? Now with now further ado, this week’s picks.

1. May on the Way e-book by KC Frantzen

This light hearted story about a dog who becomes a spy is charming and fun. Not just for kids or Tweens, all ages can appreciate May’s antics, they mystery of the story and the lessons learned. Bonus: Get it today for free on Amazon.

2. Cubby Bowls by PawNosh

These bowls take Mama’s breath away. Each one is made by hand in California using 100% recycled glass and a cast iron mold. This sturdy half inch thick glass bowl is incredibly sturdy, has passed an impressive drop test and comes with lifetime guarantee for chips, cracks & breakage. Worth every penny of the $62 price tag (or get 2/$124). You can make these bowls a reality by backing the project on KickStarter.

3. I Like Big Mutts Pillow by Bentin Pet Decor

♪ I like big mutts and I can not lie. You other puggles can’t deny that when a dog walks in with a fluffy little face and tail wagging in your face you get loved. ♪ I can’t even tell you how badly I want this pillow. I’m going to dream about it.

4. Hol-ee Roller by JW Pet Company

Ever since Mama saw this DIY Toy for toy destroyers on Leopold’s Crate, she’d been dying to try one. Luckily, the Hol-ee Roller toys are on sale this week at Amazon.

That’s it folks! What are YOU loving this week?

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