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It’s Fetch Friday! Since the Felix’s Gotcha Day is right around the corner, we thought we’d celebrate Mr. Fluffybutt himself with a few of his favourite things. Based on today’s post, what do you think Felix’s favourite animal is?1. Wild Brushtail Meaty Bites by Addiction Pet FoodsFelix is wild over these grain free dog treats. Made with tasty rabbit and potatoes, these treats are so good even the Felix will do tricks for them.2. Big Rabbit Dog Toy from MuttropolisFelix’s favourite toys are usually about twice his size and this rabbit is no exception. 18″ long, stuffing free and full ofnineteen squeaker, the Felix is in his glory.3. Somebunny Loves Me Tag from Island Top Custom TagsOK, say it with me, AWWWWWWWWW! Made from Copper, Brass & German Silver, it’s handmade and gorgeous. I love it. Felix needs one PDQ.4. Colossal Rabbit Dog Toy from PETLOUAnother giant 15″ dog toy to feed Felix’s monstorous toy obsession. Made of thick plush material, it took a really long time for Felix to put a hole in this one.Do you have a favourite bunny? We’d love to see it! After all, there’s only two more shopping days until the Felix’s Gotcha Day and I sure would like to surprise him with something nice!Maybe we’ll find the perfect thing at the Pet Lover Show at the Abbotsford Tradex this weekend. If you’re in our neighbourhood, we hope we’ll see you there!

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