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It’s Fetch Friday!

While our K9 Kamp co hosts from Peggy’s Pet Place are working like dogs and woofing about a simple K9 Kamp exercise idea that you can share with your dog, we’re having a little fun with some neat pet products we discovered this week.

1. Alphabet Dog Magnets from Silly Dog Magnets

These bright, fun magnets almost make e want one of those little humans. These adorable magnets are hand designed by artist Brianna Brunsell and are infinitely more stylish than the standard cheap plastic toy store letter sets (and probably hurt 1000x less to step on.)

2. K9 Meteorlite & Flashflight Flying Disc from NiteIze

Here at Casa de Kolchak the peeps work long hours and sometimes, we just don’t get to play until after dark. My friend Brody lives on the face of the sun (aka Arizona) and it’s hot like fire during the day. These LED lit fetch toys mean we can play in the dark and see the ball or disc. How cool is that?!

3. Oven Rack Puller from the Animal Rescue Site

Holy woof you guys. This is a thing?! Do you know what that cute bone shaped piece of wood is for?? You use it to hook over your oven racks to pull them out so you don’t burn the finger prints off your hands (again). I want it. I want it baaaaad.

4. Pet Grooming Kit from Dremel

Clipping Kol’s nails is like playing darts with spaghetti: impossible. The dremel was a life saver. Easy to use and way less scary for me (since I don’t worry about quicking them), the dremel grinds your dog’s nails off. I couldn’t get by without this thing.

That’s it folks. What are YOU loving this week?

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