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It’s Fetch Friday!

Easter is just around the corner and there’s still time to get something special for that furry friend in your life. Here’s what we’re hopping over this week:

1. Gluten Free Peanut Butter Dog Treats from Pawsitively Homemade

No Easter Basket is complete without some tasty treats. We’re loving these gluten-free treats. Made with natural creamy peanut butter and a gluten free all purpose flour blend (garbanzo bean flour, potato starch, tapioca flour, whole gran sweet white sorghum flour, & fava bean flour), these are a great alternative for pups with traditional grain allergies, plus, they’re cute as woof! (Hey Mama! Why don’t your treats look all pretty like that, eh?!)

2. Carrot Cake Cuddlers from Zanies

Everybody know the Felix loves his bunnies.  This plush bunnies is great for snuggling or playing with (it even squeaks). I know what’s going to be on Fe’s Easter basket (and what I’ll steal about three minutes after he opens his Easter basket.)

3. Boiled Wool Easter Egg Toys made by Nepali Artisans

the Mama is agog over these beautiful, hand crafted toys. (Seriously, she looks a bass with her mouth hanging open like that.) Each is made from 100% natural wool, which is machine washable and super tough. These eggs are eco friendly and the perfect size (4 1/2″) for carrying around in your mouth.

4. Bunny Rabbit Costume from Zack and Zoey

I swear to woof, Mama, if you so much as think about buying me a rabbit suit, I will pee in your bed. I’ll do it.  Don’t think I won’t. The fact that the suit is made of plush material and it comes with a carrot toy doesn’t even make it a little bit better. (Seriously you guys, click on this link to see the poor, poor pup who had to wear this thing. It’s tragic.) Don’t go there Mama. You’ll regret it. That’s a promise.

That’s it! What’s your fav Easter find to put in your dog’s bunny basket?

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