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If I left it up to the Mama, today’s Fetch Friday post would be all fresh foods.

Yogurt, cereal with cold milk, sorbet, peanut butter, chilled grapes, eggs, oh, the things she would eat if she wasn’t doing this Freshpet Fridge Challenge thing.

Too bad food and produce make for a pretty crummy fetch friday feature. 

Good thing I had a back up plan, since Mama proved to be totally useless. A few weeks ago, she refused to do anything. She parked herself on the couch in front of the TV to watch the primetime Emmy’s. She loves those tacky awards shows. She loves the dresses and the red carpet and the swag bags! Oh the swag bags. Mama is always dieing to know whats inside them.

Did you know that swag bags aren’t just for humans? 

Yeah, swag bags have gone to the dogs and some of our favourite stuff is in them. For example, did you know that that same jeweller that made our gorgeous “Walk in the Park” Handmade Bracelet, also made a special bracelet to go in the Swag Bags? Check it out:

Gorgeous right? I’m absolutely in love with the lovely bracelets from For Love of a Dog and it’s a sure bet the press loved them too.  That got me wondering what other doggy delights were in those swag bags. Sue was kind enough to share some insider info with me. The Artisan Group has over 800 members and very few are selected to participate in any given event.  Even fewer create pet related products than most of the other categories of goods, so it’s super cool to see how many of our favourite shops were included.

While I don’t know for sure what items were in those bags, I do know who that I am in love with more than a few things from the featured shops. Here’s what I’m loving this week:



1. Dog Collar Flair from Bow Wow Couture

Holy woof you guys. I want that flair so bad. These adorable collar decorations are sassy and fun. (Plus, Mama heard a rumour there is one that says “Everyday I’m hustlin’” and now she thinks we NEED these. We need ’em you guys.

2. Veggie Dog Toys from Wags and Wiggles

We already know that this shop makes awesome leash bags because we have one and it rocks. We also think these durable dog toys are super cute and they look like lots of fun. Plus, it makes the idea of eating your veggies totally adorable.

3. Celebrity Collection Leash & Collar from 4 Black Paws

We love the bright fun polka dots in a fabulous green on a warm chocolate brown. Looking for another pattern? $ Black Paws has a ton of different fabrics to choose from which means your dog gets something truly unique.

4. Black Tutu Collar with Brooch from ShanB32Designs

This makes Mama want a little girl dog so bad it hurts you guys! It’s adorable!!!

That’s it folks!

With the help of a few great artisans & crafters, your dog can glam up just like like the stars. Sue from For Love of a Dog passed on another juicy tidbit: The Artisan Group has a giveaway going on right now for one of the Primetime Emmys celebrity swag bags! That’s right. You could win a swag bag exactly like those the celebrities received. Estimated retail value over $1400, filled with handmade goodies, including those adorable dog products! Enter here – THANKS SUE!

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