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I am one of those crazy/awesome pet people who puts their pets on the front of their Christmas card.

Normally I use the photo my took with Santa the year before, but this year will be Treble’s firstChristmas, and he has demanded that he be on the card.Last year Patches had her photo taken with Bumble (from Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer) and I had a hard time finding something blue & white for her to wear! To avoid theshame of clashing with Bumble and to make it easier to see her dark tortie face I decided to make her a collar.

Photo Credit: Christmas Pet Pics by Jen and Sheena

The collar was super easy to make and takes no artistic ability to make.

Here’s what you need:


  • Sheer Ribbon (not wired) in 3 different colours (at least 3 yards of each)
  • Holiday/Festive Ribbon (1 roll not wired)
  • Hair elastics (the type with no metal clasp) or a roll of elastic cord from the craft store
  • Scissors
  • Ruler

Measure and cut the ribbon.

For your average cat sized, you will need 14 x 9″ strips of each colour/pattern. I cut the ribbon at an angle sothe ends are all pointed and it looked fancier, but you can cut the ribbon however you like.If your pet has a larger neck, you may need to use more than 14 of each colour/pattern or if your cat has glorious long hair, you may want to cut the ribbon a bit longer. Feel free to play with the lengths and make the collar your own.

Check the size of the elastic.

The hair elastics that I bought were too small, so I pulled two apart where they connect and retied them together. For older/larger cats, you mean need to use a few. Cut off the extra elastic.

If you’re using elastic cord, measure your pet’s next and cut off an appropriate amount. You want it to fit securely, but not tight.

.........Tie the ribbon around the elastic into a knot. Try to make the ends even.Tie one on of each ribbon of each colour, and then repeat the pattern.½ of the elastic done! Be sure to tie a ribbon around/overtop of the knots in the elastic to hide them.


To make it look fuller, push the ribbons tight together around the elastic, the more ribbon you get on, the bigger and fluffier it will look.


That’s it. A holiday pet project so easy, even the kids can do it. The hardest part will be convincing your cat to pose in it instead of trying to kill it.



 Do you take your pet to get Christmas photos?


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