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I almost didn’t post this.

It’s not a “real” post, but, something happened this weekend that kind of rocked my world and even though you guys probably already know, I feel like I should tell you. Just in case there are any goofballs out there like me, who are fussing over nothing!

Let me start out by saying that I love our harnesses and I love our coats.

They make our lives so much easier. I have one super pet peeve though: they don’t play nicely together. The leash loop on the harnesses are about an inch lower than the opening on the coats. ARGH. You can kind of Macguyver it up. If I pull on the coat just right over the harness, I can grab the hook with the leash. The only problem is that this means the coats bunch up, the velcro pulls loose and they are a pain in the tail.

I just sucked it up and lived with it, since it’s been the same problem with every leash and every harness I’ve tried.

Then, something happened that rocked my  world.

We were out walking and a friend watched me adjust Kolchak coat for the 97 zillionth woofing time. She looks at me and goes “Why don’t you just put the harness on over the coats?”

Um… why didn’t I think of that?

You put the coat on, then you put the harness on. The harness holds the coat in place.

It almost seems too simple…

Duh. It *is* simple. Simple and totally life changing.

Has something like this happened to you? Do you have a simple solution that makes every day life with dogs easier? Spill it!

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