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Every now and again, for special occasions or just because, I like to make a breakfast that my dogs and I can share.

I know, spoiled right? The thing is that my dogs love love love eggs and as it turns out, they’re actually a nice healthy treat that can be safely shared as a treat.

Eggs are a good source of gentle, easily digestible protein (making eggs a good choice for dogs with tummy trouble.) Plus, they’re so very easy that even humans with super limited kitchen skills can make them and with just a little love, they make a ridiculously tasty treat for everyone in the family, human and canine alike.

Lazy iPhone photo of a pretty tasty shared breakfast.

It’s so easy to make The Dog’s Breakfast – a tasty egg dish that you and your dogs can share.

Start with two eggs per human and 1/2 – 1 egg per canine (depending on size).

Raid your fridge to find tasty, dog friendly extras like lean, unspiced meats, fresh veggies, plain potato etc.

Stir together in a pan or on a griddle, flipping until cooked through. Sprinkle with a small amount of cheese (we used parm – yum!)


Since my dogs are on a strict “learn to earn” program, we used pieces of egg, steak and potato to lure them up & down our new dog stairs. (More on that tomorrow!), but I’ve also used scrambled eggs to stuff Kongs and other treat toys (Smash up the potatoes for a stickier treat).

Have you ever made eggs for your dog?

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