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So way back when, before most of you guys knew me, I actually used to be quite fancy.

I know! It’s hard to imagine it now. I barely even recognize that girl who always had her hair highlighted and carried a snazzy purse. I laugh a little when I remember what she spent on shoes. (For the record, I still want the shoes, I’ve just forsaken them in the name of raw food, real meat dog chews and high end dog gear. *cries*)

My pet project was always having my nails painted all pretty and shiny.

Back then, I could paint my nails without fear that a dog would lay on them or that a dog hair would get in them. (Dog hair gets in everything around here, you guys.) These days, when I paint my nails, I need it to be fast and easy. I don’t have the luxury of sitting around and playing with 4 different colours and a toothpick to create something pretty.

Good thing I found these adorable dog nail decals.

Oh my Etsy! Is there anything you can’t find over there? I am absolutely loving the idea that I can paint on a colour, add a decal and make my nails totally woof worthy with way less effort. I mean, how cute are these?!

click on the image below to view the full treasury on Etsy

What do you think? Would you give nail decals a try?

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