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Last winter, Pet Lifestyle and You gave Koly and Fe some super gorgeous dog beds.

Perhaps y’all remember this?

I love the beds. The pattern is perfect for our house, I can just toss the covers in the wash anytime I want and best of all, the dogs actually lay on them. My dogs have the run of the house; couches, chairs, the bed – nothing is off limits, so that they actually choose to lay on their P.L.A.Y. beds is a pretty big endorsement. There’s one thing that has always really bothered me though.

I hate dog beds on the floor.
Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t think it’s very stylish! I mean, you probably have a frame for your bed, right? As pretty as these dog beds are, I still hated seeing them on the floor, so I started shopping.

Y’all! Dog bed frames aren’t cheap!

I searched etsy for something cool and…um… I have really expensive taste. There are definitely some bargain picks on there, but my faves were $239, $261, or $949. That doesn’t include the actual bed. A good bed will set you back another $85 – $180… and I need TWO of them. I don’t think MY human bed was that much. Besides, none of the beds I could find were exactly what I wanted. I wanted something sleek with a mid-century inspired feel, but also kind of modern. Nothing heavy. I have a small-ish apartment and if the beds were bulky, they would be all you really saw in the room. I decided to come up with a design of my own.

I have limited building skills, so I enlisted the old man (my Grandpa) to help make my crappy sketches a reality.

Fact: Puggles are not helpful building assistants. Like at all.

That man has the patience of a saint/I am really fussy and kind of hard to work with. I knew exactly what I wanted and any attempts to step outside that vision were swiftly kiboshed. (Sorry G-Pa.) We tried a few different techniques to build these and helping me figure out exactly how to build them meant a lot of math and hard work on a hot as balls day, but my Grandpa is the best. (He didn’t even flinch a couple hours later when my cousin called to put in her bed order.)

I actually even like the simplest version of the bed, with no decorative bars at all.

Step one: Screw on legs. Oh wait, that’s ALL the steps.

We all know I prefer a bit more drama than that though and one step doesn’t exactly make for a cool DIY Dog Bed Frame Tutorial, so we fancied them up a bit with the decorative head/foot boards.

Kolchak’s Bed

Felix’s Bed

I couldn’t be happier with our easy DIY Wood Dog Bed Frames. The design we ended up with couldn’t be simpler and you don’t even need power tools or building skills to make it a reality. Seriously folks.

If you get the Home Depot to cut your wood, the total assembly time for these beds is less than 5 minutes + like 10? 15? minutes to paint & seal.  The best part? These beds cost me LESS THAN $75 EACH! What a bargain!

Do you want to make one of these sweet dog bed frames for your dog?

Check out the tutorials at the links below.

Kolchak’s Bed Tutorial

Felix’s Bed Tutorial

Printable Shopping Lists

Does your dog’s bed go in a frame? We’d love to see them!

Did you make it or buy it yourself?

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