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Toy storage is a challenge for all dog owners, not just the ones with toy obsessed freak-dogs like I have. Heather of OK Collars, used to use plastic bins for toy storage until she found that cheap plastic bins were not made to withstand the test of time in a house with two boisterous labs. Her DIY Wood crate toy box is a simple and stylish solution that could be easily customized to match any decor. I’m dying to get my grubby little paws on one to paint white and antique with turquoise accents.

Here’s what you need:

1 unfinished wood crate (She got hers from Joann’s but if you used your 40% off coupon at Michaels, they would be woofing cheap!!)

4 castors

Small screws for the castors (choose ones that are both thin and short, so they don’t crack the wood or stick out)

Stain or Paint (or you can leave it au naturel. Heather had stain kicking around from an old project.)


Lightly sand any slightly rough areas on the crate.

If desired, paint or stained everything except the bottom. All paint/stain to set for a few hours or overnight, then flip and paint/stain the bottom. Watch out for drips! Smooth them out and wipe off any excess paint/stain. Allow the bottom to dry completely

When your crate is completely dry, you can add the casters. DO THIS CAREFULLY! The pre-made crate uses thin wood. You want to use small screws and proceed VERY slowly so you do not split the wood. If you do get minor splits, you can put a little wood glue in to sure them up. If you wanted a bit more of a solid area to screw the casters into, you could use wood glue to attach cut pieces of wood to the bottom corners BEFORE you paint/stain/otherwise decorate.

Once everything is dry and assembled, fill it with toys!

Can you even imagine a simpler project?!

How do you corral your dog toys?

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Heather Buzby is the talented lady behind OK Collars offering handmade, custom collars to pretty up your dog and show off their personality. Her dogs, Kayla Dover and ellie Mae, are spoiled rotten, totally adorable and so lucky to have a human who makes such tasty treats. Head over to Facebook to see all her adorable creations.


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