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I don’t know about you, but when I’m working on training with Koly & Fe, I never seem to have enough hands.

I have huge respect for the clicker training people because I can see that the method works and how good it can be at reinforcing good behavior, but let’s be honest, I am no where near coordinated enough to make that work. I’m always dropping the clicker and groping for treats and, in the end, I abandoned the clicker like an old theme park. It only works if you aren’t too clumsy to use it.

When I saw this DIY Treat & Train Apron tutorial I was instantly wowed.

Holy woof you guys! Maybe if I had one of these I wouldn’t have been a clicker school drop out! This apron would be so handy to have and not just while training. I can see myself using it while I craft to keep treats (for bribing Kolchak to knock it off) close at hand, on walks while we’re training and working on Felix’s leash reactivity and while I’m in the kitchen cooking.

Check out the full tutorial video from Puppy & Cat (aka the lovely Miss Nailah Bone) and make one for yourself! I think I’m going to try it.

You can find more great video tutorials from Nailah and Cat on their YouTube channel, Nailah Bone!

Have you ever sewn something to make you life with dogs easier? What was it?

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