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This weekend, I got to do something I rarely get to: I made human treats.

I know! I know, you guys! Kol was outraged too. Human treats? What a waste of a dog baker’s time. It was my favourite baby’s birthday and I wanted to make his little cake extra special. You can imagine my genuine delight when his Mom asked for “a dog cake”.

Of course, his Mom is a friend of mine and has a fair share of the “crazy” in her, so after she asked for a dog cake, she changed her mind about a squillion times and also asked for an Elmo cake and a rainbow cake. I decided to combine all her requests and make one super cool cake creation.

You guys, it’s totally easier than it looks to make cake toppers from fondant!

Everyone at the party was pretty impressed, but the truth is, it’s not that hard to make a puppy from fondant. For serious, if you can roll a meatball, I bet you can do this too.

If you want to give it a try, check out a few of these tutorials:

My puggy inspiration from Juniper Cakery (by way of Craftsy)

Check out the tutorial here.

This adorable husky from Cake Dutchess would totally have been my second choice – if my favourite baby’s Mom wasn’t practically obsessed with pugs. I love his eyes!!

Check out the tutorial here.

This goofy, happy looking pup from Lorraine McKay is super adorable.

Check out the tutorial here.

Bonus Cat Cake Topper from Good to Know!

Check out the how to here.

Have you ever make a puppy cake? Will you share a picture?

or – do you know of a GREAT tutorial for fondant dog cake toppers? Link ’em up in the comments!!

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