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Do you hate that your dog tends to loose that “freshly bathed” scent between trips to the groomer?

Or maybe, you hate that they smell fine when they’re dry, bit like a wet mop when they’re damp?

We gotcha covered and the solution is SO SIMPLE. 

You can make a simple, great smelling grooming spray with ingredients you probably already have in your kitchen.

Here’s what you need:

  •  a  spray bottle
  • flavour extract (like the kind made for cooking. We prefer to use alcohol free extracts. There isn’t much alcohol in there, but what little there is could dry out your dog’s skin, especially if they’re predisposed to the itchies.)

Simply take 1 ounce of your favourite flavouring (or flavourings, dont be afraid to mix and match, we’ve discovered some great flavours!) and pour it into a spray bottle. Fill bottle with water and shake.

Liberally spray your dog and allow to dry naturally. After a spray down with this mix, anytime Felix gets wet, he smells great. I love vanilla because it makes him smell like a cookie!

Do you have any simple tips for fighting canine odor?

Kol’s Note: Thanks to Jana from Dawg Business for pointing out something important! This spray is only meant to help with that pesky, eau de dog smell that dogs get from time to time. If your dogs has a persistent bad smell, that can be a sign of a serious health issue. If you find yourself needing a grooming spray more often than every month or so, talk to your vet and groomer about why.

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