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At this stage in the game, I’d like to think my family and friends have come to expect my Crazy Dog Lady tendencies.

In fact, I would like to think they’ve even come to embrace them. Still, every now and again, I can’t resist doing things for laughs – things like using these DIY Gift Tags on all my presents this year.


These quick and easy tags are sure to make my friends and family laugh (or at least roll their eyes in mock derision). They took almost no time to create and I think they look super cute. These would be a great project for those tiny humans who want to “help wrap”, if you know what I mean.

(You also totally get bonus points if you recognize the phone numbers. I’m looking at you, PupFan.)

Here’s what we need:

  • Scrapbook paper (If you’re nuts like me, you’ll choose scrapbook paper that co-ordinates with your wrapping paper)
  • Glue (or a snazzy sticker maker like this one <–affiliate link. I love this think like Santa loves cookies.)
  • Markers or Fineline Ink Pen

Not my real phone number, but I hope the song is stuck in your head now, like it’s stuck in mine.


Step One: Decide what shape to make your tags and cut them out of scrap book paper. Popular choices are dog bones and fire hydrants. (Click on the links to get a printable templates.) If your crafty as heck, free hand it. I love the way every tag looks when they’re just slightly different! Cut them out

Step Two: Apply a thin layer of glue or sticker adhesive to the back and stick to an accent colour. Use scissors to trim paper, so only a thin outline remains.

Step Three: Use a marker or fine line pen to add the gift recipients name and phone number on the tag. If there’s any question as to who “the Crazy Dog Person” at your house is, feel free to write your name on the back to say who it’s from.



Do you add any “dog lover” embellishments to your gift wrapping?





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