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Home made dog treats are one of my favourite things to give our dog friends as gifts.

After all, we have a ton of dog treat recipes here at Casa de Kolchak and I think people always appreciate it when you think of their pets. I’m always at a bit of a loss what to put them in though. Cellophane bags seem a little tacky, metal treat tins can get crazy expensive and don’t even get me started on the treat jars you can buy at the store.

I was totally jazzed to find the super adorable DIY Dog Treat Jars that Aimee at Irresistible Pets made using mason jars, plastic toys and a bit of spray paint.

Holy woof, these are totally awesome right?!


 Head over to Irresistible Pets to get the scoop on how Aimee made these

and find out just how easily you can do it too!




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