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You guys, I fell like I’m so behind the times this holiday!

I adore Halloween. I love to decorate and watch spooky movies and make special Halloween treats, but thans to a few super busy weeks hanging out with that Job guy and a cold that is totally kicking my butt, I’ve done like…nothing. There’s not decor up. I haven’t carved pumpkins. For woof sakes, I haven’t even finished Koly & Fe’s costumes yet. UGH.

So while I should be working on any one of about a squillion tings tonight, I’m not because I’m dying to make these:

Tutorial and Image courtesy of Muchoxoxo


HOLY WOOF ARE THESE NOT THE CUTEST EVER? I need like 15 of them RIGHT NOW, including a giant one that I can use as a pillow…all with different goofy faces on them.

Koly and Fe think these would make woofing awesome dog toys…maybe with a double thick layer of heavy weight felt and a squeaker inside? They’re totally right.

Check out the how to post over at Much XOXO and make one of your own!

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