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A few weeks ago, we celebrated Felix’s TENTH Gotcha Day with our family.

I can hardly believe that it’s been more than 10 years since we brought this happy little fluff ball into our home. Felix is the dog that changed me from a 20-something who enjoyed a good party, wanted to travel everywhere and who was never home into the quieter, more focused super questionable grown up I am now. He was the dog that made me want to be a better pet owner and the one who inspired this blog (which is ironically named Kol’s Notes. I know. I know.)

I had plans to decorate my Best Life Pets planner pages with some super cute stickers that I made JUST to celebrate Fe’s Gotcha Day.

Puppy Birthday Clip Art purchased from Pretty Grafik on Etsy Backgrounds purchased from Jessica Sawyer Designs on Etsy<- affiliate links

They’re so cute right? Who wouldn’t want to use those? Um, apparently this girl. I sat down with a glass of wine to chronicle all the things I’ve loved about Fe’s last 10 years with us and this happened. Word vomit.

You guyyyyyyys! I totally forgot to share last week’s #BestLifePets memory planner page with you! While y’all were celebrating your doggy Valentines I was celebrating all things #TeamFe and his TENTH Gotcha Day. I started by writing out his Gotcha Day story and all my FAVOURITE things about him and it got a little out of hand. I love all the journaling on this week’s page, all the memories it captures and how easy it was to say so much about my sweet fluffy boy. I didn’t even have space to use the Gotcha Day/Birthday stickers I made!

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Apparently, I had a lot to say. I mean, can you blame me? Fe is the most precious. ever. I think using the different colour pens and mixing up the “font” make it a little more interesting than if it was just PLAIN, but I really wish I had used the stickers. (Aside: can you call it a font when it’s hand written? Is there a word for that? Yeesh. I call myself a writer. For shame.)

Need ideas of ways to celebrate your dog’s Birthday or Gotcha Day in your memory planner? I’ve got you covered.

  • The Top 5 or 10 things you love about your dog
  • Things that have changed or improved over the years
  • Peronality traits and quirks that make your dog unique
  • A list of your dog’s favourite things (Pro tip: and then make sure to do all those things for their big day!
  • Their Birthday or gotcha Day story and how you got them
  • A picture of your dog when you brought them home and one of them now
  • Your birthday celebration action plan

Seeing all these things I love about my sweet Felix, I can’t even be mad at myself for totally spacing on the stickers.

Besides, the good news is, even if *I* blew it? You can can still totally download these and use them for YOUR dog’s birthday or Gotcha Day spread. (And Kol has a birthday! Maybe I’ll be smarter when his big day roll around in June!)

Does your dog have a Birthday or Gotcha Day coming up? Download our free printable dog birthday stickers!

Click on this image to download the BIRTHDAY version.

Click on this image to download the GOTCHA DAY version.

Major kudos to the talented artists and designer who sell their work on Etsy AND let lazy, untalented folks like myself coast by on their mad skills. Puppy Birthday Clip Art used in this set was purchased from Pretty Grafik on Etsy and the backgrounds purchased from Jessica Sawyer Designs on Etsy<- affiliate links. That paw print you see on the small boxes is Kol’s ACTUAL paw print, so he wants all the credit for that.

How do you celebrate your dog’s Birthday or Gotcha Day?

Wanna tell me their home coming story? I would LOVE to hear how you all got your pups.

Busy right now? Save this sucker for later when you’ve got time to plan in peace – Pin it!

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