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Need to brighten up your phone with an ADORABLE puppy wallpaper?

Yeah you do! One of the best parts of these fancy schmancy smart phones is that you can personalize them and make them ANYTHING you want. And I want my phone to be filled with adorable puppies. Dog phone wallpapers make my heart swoon.

I have a whole folder of images saved and I rotate them constantly.

I mean, who wouldn’t want to make these freaking precious puppies the wallpaper on their phone?

YEAH. Ridiculously cute dogs. Bright splashy summer backgrounds. Nine phone wallpapers perfect for any dog lover. I had so much fun drawing these dogs. In the end, I dres a boston terrier, a pug and a beagle, but I wanted to draw so many more! I take requests. What’s your favourite breed?

Do you want to download these free dogs of summer wallpapers for your phone?

Click on any image below to download your favourite wallpaper!

Lemons Beagle Phone Wallpaper

Lime Boston Terrier Phone Wallpaper

Watermelon Corgi Phone Wallpaper

Lime Corgi Phone Wallpaper

Watermelon Beagle Phone Wallpaper

Lemon Boston Terrier Phone Wallpaper

Watermelon Boston Wallpaper

Lemon Corgi Phone Wallpaper

Lime Beagle Phone Wallpaper

What’s on your phone screen?

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