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Mama has always been a bit of a whiney baby when it comes to the Casa de Kolchak sleeping arrangements.

If you’ve read the original Bedtime Fairytale, Bedtime Fairytale sequel, or the Bedtime Fairytale Part III, then you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about. Never satisfied that one!

You would think, what with the recent changes here that she might, just might, finally be happy with her sleeping space, wouldn’t you?

But no, not my Mama, she’s still griping!

“I thought there would be more space. Much more space.”

To be fair, the bed is more crowded than ever.

Clockwise from top right: Giant Stuffed Lion, Kolchak, Kolchak’s blankie, Toucan, Dirty Smelly Yak, & Felix, plus about four pillows.

Why so much stuff you ask? Well, the first few nights in the new apartment, Felix was restless. Restless as heck. Mama brought Giant Stuffed Lion to bed to calm him down. It kind of worked, but we had to do more. (We’ll tell you all about it another time. Oh boy, do we ever have to do more to get Felix to sleep!) Still, giant lion had a permanent place in the bed and soon, Felix had dragged other toys in as well. He also demand two pillows or he’ll steal Mama’s. I need a pillow, though I may or may not even use it. Mama chooses to have a pillow take up space. She doesn’t have to have one. It’s up to her. She picked that pillow and then she gripes that there are two many pillows!

Mamas! Can’t live with ’em, but if you didn’t then who would take you for a walk?

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