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So a few months back, we discovered THE COOLEST product we have ever seen.

EVER. We get a whole lot of cool products to try and we get press releases about even more neat things but this one REALLY caught our eye.

Do you know what that is, my fined furred friends?

It’s a grinder…like a pepper grinder…only about 100 thousand times better. That grinder doesn’t make dust out of stupid human seasonings, it makes dust out of liver. 


I’m going to give you a minute to let the PURE AWESOME of that sink it.


You’re as excited as I am, right?

Made by Barking Mad Pet Treats, the Liver Grinders come in four ridiculously good flavours: Beef Liver, Turkey Liver, Elk Liver & Buffalo Liver. The guys are woofing geniuses! Mama got a buffalo one and we’ve been using ours all the time. It’s such a great idea, the small pieces and left over chunks of liver from liver treat production are loaded into glass jars and fitted with spice grinders. Since the liver is safely enclosed in the jar and ground as needed, there’s no fuss, no muss and it’s SO easy to use. As easy as adding pepper to your human’s meal. Marketed as an “appetite enticer” for fussy pups, we saw so much more potential in it than that!

Mama has given has found bunches of way to use this stuff.

  • On top of our raw food – Mama rarely buys something Felix and I dislike, but let’s face it Mama, goat was not your biggest hit. Neither Felix or I cared for the goat much until Mama ground a bit of liver dust on there. After that? We gobbled it down. I bet it would do the same thing for boring kibble.
  • As a taste of something great on otherwise super healthy treats –  Mama likes to spice up our healthy treats with just a dash of the good stuff. This liver dust makes a great addition to our class treats like the Green Bean Crunchers or my Koly Crisps
  • Water is boring, spice it up – Some times the Felix and I are having too much fun to think of something as boring as stopping for water. When she needs to, Mama entices us to drink with a few twists of liver dust over the water bowl.
  • If liver water is delicious, well, then so are liver pupsicles – Just a few twists of liver dust can turn plain ol’ water into the stuff delicious pupsicles are made from. Simplely mix in some liver dust and freeze. You dog will live you for it.
  • Disguise pills – Sometimes, in the Spring, my breathing acts up. Mama gives me an herbal remedy to help me breathe a bit better, but let’s face it, it tastes worse than dirt and I’m on to this whole “hide it in cheese” shenanigan. Mama, you’re not fooling anyone. That same cheese ball, rolled in liver dust is too tantalizing to turn down. Pill or no pill.
  • Treat toy – Rather than filling our Kongs with a calorie laden peanut butter or pate mixture, Mama’s been loading it with our daily dose of coconut oil – and a few twists of liver dust.  It’s tasty enough to make me work until I’ve got every last drop out!

And that’s just what Mama came up with!

She’s not even that smart. I mean really, despite e barking at her repeatedly, she hasn’t even tried grinding it right into my mouth. I bet you guys have all sorts of way cool, better ideas. How would you use this liver dust?


Pssssssst – Want to give it a try?? Head over to the Barking Mad website to order your own liver grinder, shipped right to your door here in Canada. What’s that?? You say you don’t HAVE a door here in Canada. Well, why the woof not?! It’s awesome here and the Mama will totally make you welcome to the neighbourhood snacks. Oh well. If you don’t live in Canada, that’s OK. We bet this would work just as well if your human bought a pepper grinder like this one and just filled it with crushed dehydrated liver dog treats which you can buy or make yourself.

Kol’s Note: We were not compensated for this post. We just love this stuff and think it’s totally woof-worthy.


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