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You guys know that I am a HUGE fan of fresh fresh, whole foods with our dogs.

There is no “people food” or “dog food”, there’s just food and a whole lot of healthy foods are totally safe to share. I am a bit of a braggart about to, if we want to get real. I tell people that my dogs LOVE fruit and veggies and that they see them as “treats”.

Except that lately, Koly is trying to make a liar out of me!

That little rat fink! After years, YEARS I TELL YOU, of eating all sorts of things, he’s been a bit picky lately. My little fuss budget has decided that some treats are just not to his liking anymore. What a spoiled brat, right? That’s exactly what I thought, but apparently, my opinion doesn’t count. He just goes on, doing his thing, regardless of whether I think he’s being crazy. Seriously, you guys, I have NEVER seen this dog turn down a treat until recently.

This is what happens when you give my dog an apple.


Is there anything your dog won’t eat? Do they gob it out in a melodramatic fashion?!

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