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Once upon a time, the day before yesterday, right here at my house…

the Mama learned a valuable lesson. Be careful what you wish for.

When we last left our heroine sleep deprived Mama, she was sleeping one of two ways:

Like this when it was just her and the Daddy + the Casa de Kolchak Pups:

Or like this when Cousin Lu was having a sleep over:

If you’ve read the original Bedtime Fairytale or the more recent Bedtime Fairytale sequel, then you’ll know that frankly, the Mama has never been too happy with the sleeping arrangements here at Casa de Kolchak. We don’t much care for her kvetching and whining. After all, it is CLEARLY a privilege to snuggle a puggle at night. With that in mind, we decided to teach her a lesson.

For those who don’t already know, that no good, rotten Mama of mine abandoned us this weekend.

When she came home did we ever have surprise for her. Bed time rolled around and she assumed the sleeping position.


She waited…and waited…and waited, but no dogs came to bed. 

She tossed and turned, feeling cold and strangely free, like she could fall out of the bed, if she were so inclined.


She tossed and turned for what felt like forever. She waited and waited and waited, but nothing.

Where were all the dogs?!

Well, in a pique of temper, Koly had to go see his Nana. He spent the night blissfully cuddled on her bed, barely even sharing.


the Felix didn’t want anything to do with anyone. He hightailed it off to the couch.


And Mama? Well she was just left there all alone. Sad, bewildered and cold


Be careful what you wish for.

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