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I love my Mom.

She’s funny, supportive, and tough as nails. She surprises me all the time – and even when she’s e x a s p e r a t i n g (as mom’s are supposed to be from time to time) I know it’s just because she’s trying to have my back and “mom” me a little.

(I’d love to insert a nice picture of me and my Mom and Kol here, but she hasn’t willing posed for a photo since the 90s, so you get a gratuitous photo of Kol instead.)

I actually love a lot of Moms and Mom-types.

My sister is raising a couple of the sweetest, nicest tiny humans I know. My cousin is raising a little girl as fierce and strong as she is. My Aunts have been spoiling me my whole life. My Grandmother is a gem of a lady who is equal parts genuinely thoughtful and sassy. And almost all of these amazing Mama’s have one thing in common: They’re also DOG Moms.

Any way, I love my Mom and my other Mom-type family. I’m just like… really bad at remembering to buy greeting cards. And also, intrinsically opposed to spending $6.49 for a piece of fancy paper. I look at greeting cards and I’m just like “I could make that.”

And truthfully, there just aren’t a whole lot of Mother’s Day cards that reflect that Mom Life extends to dog moms too! Hallmark is catching on, but it’s like 200 regular Mother’s Day Cards and like 3 dog ones.

That’s why this year, I made some free printable mother’s day cards for the dog mom in your life.

These dog mom cards are totally free, easy to print at home on white cardstock or in a jam, even regular printer paper.

I had SO many ideas for Dog Mom Cards that I’ll probably just keep adding to this post, so next year there are tons of new options to choose from.

It feels like I have been waiting 951 years to use this Dog Mom AF graphic. I made it close to 2 years ago, but could never find *just* the right project for it.

Same with this blue doggo. He’s been waiting and waiting. His time is now!

Yield: 1 Card

How to Print These Cards on Cardstock


  • 1 sheet white cardstock


  • Printer
  • A paper cutter (or scissors and a ruler)


  1. Download the two page PDF file for the card of your choice
  2. Place Cardstock in your printer tray
  3. Print page 1 only of the PDF
  4. Place your cardstock back in your printer’s tray, flipped so it will print on the opposite side of the sheet
  5. Print page 2 of the PDF
  6. Using a paper trimmer (or scissors and a ruler), cut out the card using the + marks as a guide
  7. Fold along the center line
  8. Add a personal note and gift to your favourite Dog Mama
© Jodi Chick

Download the 8.5 x 11 Card Files here:

Awesome Dog Mom
Replaced by Dogs
Dog Mom AF (One-sided only, blank interior)
Woof Means Happy Mother’s Day

Wishing all my Moms, Dog Moms and Mom-Types out there a wonderful weekend.

Take a moment to celebrate YOU and all the amazing things you do for your dogs, your kids and your favourite people. After all, Moms make the world go ’round!

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