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I don’t know what the weather is like where you are, but here in Vancouver: it’s Spring!

And a gorgeous Spring, by all accounts. It’s 64 degrees today. The sun is shining. The birds are chirping. (And cawing and squawking and whatever dog-awful noise invasive European starling hatchlings make.) We recently moved to a new apartment – and Kolchak and I love it, mostly.

We’re surrounded by trees – and birds. So freaking many birds.

Kol is surprisingly chill when a literal flock of birds take over our side deck. His vibe is curious, but fine with it. Me? Not so much. I worked hard to banish the woodpeckers. I do not care for the starlings, who aside from being invasive and bad for local, native wildlife, have also BUILT A NEST IN MY WALL and get up at dawn. *sigh* I actually like the crows. But I digress.

Dog Vibes Only.

If you’re going to live in a tree like one of the Keebler Elves, you have to accept that there’s gonna be some wildlife. I’m channelling my inner Kolchak. Dog vibes only. Which brings us to this month’s free downloadable wallpaper for computers and cell phones.

Snag the best version of this month’s free phone backdrop of computer wallpaper below – and feel free to send us a snap of your devices in action or tag us (@kolsnotes) on social. We LOVE seeing these wallpapers in the wild!

Phone – Croppable to fit all devices

Computer – 1024 x 768

Computer – 1920 x 1080

Computer – 1280 x 1024

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