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Every day on my way to work, I drop Kolchak off at his Dad’s and he runs to snuggle back into bed with him.

Kolchak is really lucky to have a pretty awesome Dog Dad who feeds him snacks Mom won’t let him have, takes him for hikes, and loves to spend time with him. Kol gets so excited to get to hang out with Dad and it is honestly so endearing. Watching Kol light up and wiggle as he walks down the driveway always makes me smile. Kolchak is lucky to have a guy he loves so much in his life.

Kol actually has a couple Dad-types in his life that he’s pretty darn fond of and that are dog lovers.

The Old Man (my grand-father) and Kol are basically the same soul split into one part human & one part dog. They just GET each other in a way that no one gets. Kol knows when we’re headed to the Old Man’s when were’s like two blocks away and he is *thrilled*.

The old man helping us build Kolchak’s platform bed. Kol was annoyed he wasn’t *petting him*

If Uncle B is around, Kol will choose him over the rest of us. We’re lucky to have so many men in our life who love dogs – and especially who love my Kol.

Dog Moms are starting to get more and more mainstream recognition, but I feel like Dog Dads still get a little forgotten.

Dog dads are awesome and deserve to be celebrated too! There aren’t a ton of Dog Dad Father’s Day cards out there, so we wanted to make a few free downloadable cards just for you guys and the special dog dads in your life.

Honestly, is there any purer love than the Dad who didn’t want to get a dog and their favourite child, the dog? Nope. It’s inevitably that if your Dad gets a dog, you have been replaced. Sorry. I don’t make the news; I just report it.

Dogs have no hands and zero opposable thumbs. Dog Dads serve a NUMBER of important and life-changing functions that frankly, dogs could not do without and they appreciate your complete servitude.

I will be taking no further questions on the content of this card. If it suits your family, you already know, feel shame and will not be admitting it to the entire internet.

Nothing but gratitude here.

Yield: 1 Card

How to Print These Cards on Cardstock


  • 1 sheet white cardstock


  • Printer
  • A paper cutter (or scissors and a ruler)


  1. Download the two page PDF file for the card of your choice
  2. Place Cardstock in your printer tray
  3. Print page 1 only of the PDF
  4. Place your cardstock back in your printer’s tray, flipped so it will print on the opposite side of the sheet
  5. Print page 2 of the PDF
  6. Using a paper trimmer (or scissors and a ruler), cut out the card using the + marks as a guide
  7. Fold along the center line
  8. Add a personal note and gift to your favourite Dog Mama
© Jodi Chick

Download the files here:

Favourite Child
When I Need You
World’s Best Farter (Blank Inside)
Who’s Your Daddy?

Wishing all those amazing Dog Dad’s out there a Happy Fathers Day!

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