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Another panini-years Valentine’s Day is almost upon us.

And for those of us still trying to navigate dating in an apocalypse, it’s tough out there. With a ton of restrictions still in place in our area – and with me just having started a new job. We haven’t had much time or energy for social outings as of late. We’ve just been getting good and cozy at home. Catching up on our Netflix.

I’m planning a romantic night in with the dog. He’s my best friend and my partner-in-crime. He doesn’t care what we’re doing; he just wants to do it with me. If there are snacks, he’s in. He’s the perfect person to spend dreary winter days hanging out with.

Say it with me: Dogs Before Dudes.

So if you’re feeling those same single and super OK with staying that way vibes, then this month’s wallpaper is for you:

What do you usually do for Valentine’s Day? Are you an old school romantic who loves the tradition? Do you love doing something offbeat and fun?

Who else loves spending it with their dog?

Download the free digital wallpapers for your phone, tablet, or computer here:

Phone – Croppable to fit all devices

Computer – 1024 x 768

Computer – 1920 x 1080

Computer – 1280 x1024

Office table with digital tablet, smartphone, pencil on isolated pure white background. Laptop and tablet mockup concept. (Monitor clipping path)(Selective Focus)

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