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It’s probably not going to come as a shock to anyone that Mama didn’t bake (again) this weekend.

She was just FULL of excuses too.

“I can’t bake while we’re moving, Koly.”

“I don’t even know where the mixer or the baking pans or the flours are, Koly.”

“Why don’t you go chew a nice bully stick, Koly.”

Apparently, this whole “dog treat recipes blog thing” just wan’t that important to her. It’s important to me, Mama.  Having fantastic snacks is my whole world, Mama. I have to share those treats with the world. If you’re as disappointed with the Mama as I am, click here to visit our recipe page and then you can be a better Mama than I have.

In lieu of fresh baked good or meaty treats, Mama has been falling back on one of the easiest homemade dog treats ever:

Carrot Sticks.

They’re fresh, they’re healthy and man! do we ever love them. They’re a great, low maintenance treat for Fido and they’re Kolchak Puggle approved.

Dog treats don’t have to be fancy to be tasty. What is your dog’s favourite “easy treat”?


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