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This is the first weekend it’s felt like Fall at our house. That means rainy days and kiddos chorusing “I’m bored” can’t be far away.

Entertaining kids during a long, wet winter must be kind of like trying to nail jell-o to a tree.

When I was little, I loved making crafts more than anything. These 11 fun dog crafts for kids are a perfect way to keep your children busy during a long, wet fall and winter.

11 Fun Dog Crafts for Kids


DIY Painted Dog Puzzle 

These hand-painted puzzles of adorable cartoon dogs are SUCH A CUTE IDEA. You can use paint – or even markers for smaller kids – and use as many popsicle sticks as you like to create small, easy puzzles or big elaborate scenes.


Toy Story Slinky Papercraft 

If your child is a Toy Story fan, I’m sure they LOVE Slinky Dog as much as I do. I am a grown-up adult (ish) and I might make this adorable slinky dog papercraft for myself.


Make a Puppy Ears Card

I love handmade greeting cards and this puppy with his tongue out is so much fun. Encourage your little ones to tell the people in their lives that they appreciate them or to say thank you for a kindness someone has shared by making these adorable dog cards.


Hug a Book Pug Bookmark DIY

With back to school upon us, chances are your kiddos are going to be doing more reading than ever. I was such a book worm as a kid (and I mean… also now, lol). These pug bookmarks are perfection and they’ll be a great way for kids to mark their place in their new favourite stories.


Year of the Dog Craft for the Lunar New Year

If your kids love dogs, these folded paper pooches are a cute and fun way to spend the afternoon. I love that they have little paper bowls and bones to go with them!


Paper Plate Clifford Craft for Kids (Big Red Dog)

The story of Emily-Elizabeth and her big, red dog Clifford is one of my favourite kid’s series. Despite being a child and having a dog bigger than the house, Emily-Elizabeth and their parents are pretty awesome dog owners and Clifford’s misadventures are always entertaining.


Mod Podge Kid’s Tissue Dog – Project

This tissue box has found new life as an adorable mod podge dog. It would be a great way to spend an afternoon and a fun place for kiddos to store their treasures.


Puppy Dog Pals Paper Plate Craft

I’m a sucker for a pug face (for obvious reasons). I wasn’t going to include a paper plate dog craft in this post because I feel like everyone has seen them, but this one is AMAZING. Pug faces for everyone!


Newspaper Puppies

When I was researching this post, I didn’t find many craft ideas for older kiddos, but I LOVE this combination of using old newspapers or old books to make wall art.


Dogs Clothespin Puppets

Can grown-ups still play with puppets? Because these clothespin puppy puppets are so cute. This tutorial has printable templates perfect for creating your own puppy puppet theatre.



Ok, all that crafting has me starving. Let’s end this with a SNACK. These adorable pizza crackers are the perfect delicious snack to share with any dog loving kid.

How do you keep your dog-loving kids busy on rainy days?

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